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Bind my wandering heart



There is something about old hymns that really tug on my heart. I think one of my favorite hymns is Robert Robinson’s hymn “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” The above verse really stands out as one of my favorites because I feel like it so captures me. I am a wanderer. All too often by heart and mind get distracted by things that really have no lasting value. If I am really honest, I have even wondered if this blog is something I should invest my time in. As much as I love Instagram and social media, I know there is such a false front that people put on. From the perfect house to the perfect outfit, I fall into the trap of also wanting to only show my best.

My life is messy and definitely not perfect, so my prayer is that God will bind my heart to his and that I won’t get so consumed with this world that I lose sight of the things that really matter: loving the Lord and loving others.



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