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8 tips for a memorable girls trip

If there is one thing I have been blessed with, it’s a large group of amazing girlfriends. Not only are my friends wise women that I can look up to, but they are also all kinds of crazy fun! Since many of us live in different states, we have been very intentional about planning a fun girls trip at least once a year. We are just coming up on our 8th girls trip this January, so I think it’s safe to say that I have learned a thing or two about planning a fun trip. In honor of our upcoming trip, I have come up with 8 tips to help you make your next girls trip a memorable one!

  1. Pick a custom hashtag. Rule #1 in the guide book for a memorable girls weekend states that you must create a custom hashtag for all of your photos. #insertcreativehashtag #BF4EVER
  2. Bring a gift for everyone. Matching pi’s have always been my favorite gift to give or receive, but I also think a monogrammed wine glass for each girl would be fun and useful!
  3. Have each girl bring their favorite bottle of wine for a wine tasting night. This is especially helpful on a more relaxed night when everyone has just arrived after a day of travel.
  4. Get your makeup done one night before you go out on the town. I can’t explain how much fun this can be. Last year when we had our makeup done at the Pink Dot Beauty Bar in Charleston, we ordered a cheese platter and a bottle of wine from the restaurant next door. We had all kinds of fun getting pampered!
  5. Pack a party basket full of everyone’s favorites (wine, snacks, movie). Because everyone gets a late night craving.
  6. Pick a new location every year. My friends and I have been all over the country. From New York to San Francisco, we love visiting our favorite cities together. Once September rolls around we start offering up suggestions about where we would like to visit next. This can be a long process, so start planning early. Let me repeat, start planning early!
  7. Spend some time catching up in a meaningful way. When I am with my friends who live in a different city and state than I do, we set aside some time to hang out in our matching pj’s, drink champagne, take turns giving updates about our lives, and pray together. It’s a great way to support and encourage your friends in whatever season of life they are in, and it is amazing how God has been faithful to answer our prayers over the years.
  8. Be intentional about making it happen. Let’s be honest, life is crazy. Life just continues to get busier as you get older, especially once you get married and start having kids. Even though it can be easy to come up with a reason not to meet, you have to be committed to making a trip happen each year. Investing in good friendships will be one of the biggest blessings in your life. Plus, it’s always healthy to get away and have a little fun from time to time!


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