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Explore: Joshua Tree, CA

A few weeks ago some friends and I went to Joshua Tree for a retreat and stayed at a rad Air bnb. Joshua Tree is one of those places that I wouldn’t choose to visit on my own, but I ended up being really thankful that I went. It gave me a new appreciation for the beauty of the desert. Those muted tones with sporadic pops of color are a photographer’s dream.  We were there mainly to talk business and do a couple photo shoots, so we didn’t go camping or go on any hikes like many people do.

Whether you are an outdoorsy person or not, Joshua Tree has a lot to offer. It’s a cool place to explore nature, do some antique shopping, relax, or even do a fun photo shoot! It’s a good day trip (depending on where you are coming from) or a weekend getaway. Just make sure you go during a season when it isn’t blazing hot. April was perfect for us!







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