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3 things to do with your besties in LA

Growing up in Bakersfield meant that my friends and I would take frequent shopping trips to LA since my town lacks in the fashion department (sorry, Bakersfield). Even though I’m always down for a good shopping trip, there are so many other affordable things to do in LA besides shop. This past weekend I took a trip with some of my favorites to LA, and well, what happens when 3 photographers and one makeup artist go to LA for the day? You get your makeup done and take pictures of course!

Here are 3 things we did this weekend that you can do on around $50 or less:

1. Do a photo tour of the LA murals: Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t act like a bunch of teenage girls from time to time. And when I say teenage girls, I mean that there were a ton of teenage girls trying to get the perfect selfie in front of this pink wall. But hey, we just jumped in the mix and took our own selfies. We didn’t quite make it through all of the walls, but you can see a full list of walls to visit thanks to Studio DIY here.




2. Make reservations at a trendy lunch spot. One of the best things about LA are all of the amazing restaurants to choose from. While I do consider myself a foodie, I also care a lot of about the atmosphere of the restaurant. If it has a charming courtyard or a scenic view, then I am pretty much sold.  The Hotel Wilshire brought trendy vibe with its bright umbrellas and stunning views of LA. It was the perfect place to have lunch and a cocktail with my favorite girls.  A couple of my other favorite places to visit are the Commissary , The Palihouse West Hollywood and Perch.


IMG_2094Workshop 4_edited-3



3. Stop at the Sprinkles cupcake ATM for a sweet treat. I’m convinced this is the world’s best invention. These photos don’t need a lot of explanation because what could be better than getting a cupcake out of an ATM! Ah-mazing!


Workshop 4_edited-4


  • Kayla Yestal - I’m obsessed with that pink wall! Feeling the need to head to LA just to take the perfect portrait against it!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Grant - Ok, I need to get to LA ASAP so I can do all the things!!!! Great pics! :)ReplyCancel

  • Monique - All I can say is I want to do all of those things next time I am in LA. If you are in Miami, You can definitely visit the Wynwood Area where there are also some great murals and galleries that have awesome work to look at.ReplyCancel

    • carissacady@gmail.com - Thanks for the suggestion, Monique. I have never been to Miami, but I would love to check out the Wynwood area. I’ve seen it featured on a travel show.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - Oh my goodness — the cutest! So glad to have discovered you on Instagram and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures (and advice!). ♥ReplyCancel

    • carissacady@gmail.com - Thank you for the sweet comments, Sarah! I’d love to have you follow along:)ReplyCancel

  • Bri McKoy - LOVED this post!!! Makes us want to get to LA even more. And these pictures! xoxo I can’t even. You’ve got the gift, girl!ReplyCancel

    • carissacady@gmail.com - Thanks, Bri! We will definitely be doing these things and so much more if you move to LA! Love ya!ReplyCancel

  • Mai - SO cute! I loved this post.The cupcake ATM machine!?? I need to move to LA!ReplyCancel

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